Steampunk is an Alternative Reality story. The term (coined only in the late 1980s) represents a multimedia genre, with its roots in the literature of the 19th and early 20th Century. It relies heavily on the influence of the works of authors such as Jules Verne and HG Wells, who described futuristic yet fantastic worlds, marked by curious adventurers and technological inventions.

    Essentially, Steampunk can be described as a mixture of science fiction and adventure novels.

    The 19th Century is the time of the Industrial Revolution. The steam engine experienced its heyday and forms the cornerstone for all subsequent industrial development. Mechanical movements are brought to the peak of their precision. It also marks the reign of Queen Victoria in England (known as the Victorian era). Classicism and historism newly interpret earlier art styles. As of 1900, elements of Art Nouveau are also influential.

    The spirit of this time and the related history is definitive for the genre, which is now no longer limited to literature; instead branching out into a complex multimedia and cultural ensemble. Steampunk music, festivals, concerts, art, exhibitions and computer games all currently thrive alongside the more traditional printed works.

    The aesthetic of the genre captivates through the fusion of old and new - the combination of asynchronicity. Steampunk is an opportunity to live out the fantasy, creating new objects in antique form. The resulting works are unique and rarely reproducible. Craftsmanship, authentic materials, creativity and innovation lead to interesting and compelling artifacts that stand apart from the uniform mass production of modern times and afford the viewer the opportunity to lose themselves in his or her own fantasy ...

    I hope you enjoy all that you see here.

    About this Website

    The site serves as a virtual presentation room for my work. All existing work and the accompanying images are, unless otherwise expressly indicated, created by me and subject to copyright.

    For me, there is no primary commercial interest. Not all items are for sale. Occasionally, some objects will become available for purchase – these will normally be priced explicitly.

    If you are interested in purchasing any items, please contact me via email to first confirm its availability. You also can submit requests for items, even if they are not priced. I try to keep this page regularly updated, however I can not guarantee that all the objects displayed will be actually be available for sale.


    I can also be commissioned to produce individual works. You can email me in this case to discuss your general requirements without further obligation. I will promptly contact you with details of how we could then proceed and if necessary to discuss anything that requires further clarification.

    Your request should include the following:

    Firstly, a rough description of the desired object (e.g. a vambrace for a woman)
    Secondly, the available budget (e.g. 900 EUR)
    Thirdly, the available time frame for the project

    Production begins only after an agreement is reached. An order is not binding for either involved party and there is therefore no obligation to purchase at this stage. A sale contract is only valid if you also like the object after its completion. Should this not be the case, I reserve the right to retain the item for other purposes.

    Requisite/ Props

    For film and TV productions, I offer the creation of one or other Requisits and complete equipements. For this it is necessary that you write an request with meaningful information about the proposed project and the performing film studio, a detailed description of your concern, the time frame and the budget available for this purpose.

    Just so I can make a statement about a possible implementation and submit a suitable offer. Partly due to the enormous amount of work, it is important to make Requests in time. Although I can improvise well, but this does not match with my understanding of quality.

    Existing objects can be rented for productions and photoshoots well. Appropriate conditions can be agreed individually. Also there are other not listed objects, chairs, furniture, clothing, costumes, etc. Just ask ...

    My objects are very detailed and offer an authentic look for close-ups. In this way, they are also suitable for recording in high-resolution 3D range.
    A suitable context is important to me. I reserve the right to reject requests if i can´t identify with the intended purpose.


    You can hire me for photo shoots, commercial filming or as a production stylist with all required equipment, clothing and gadgets etc. The prices I charge for this service depend on time, location and equipment and can be quoted for in advance.

    It is also possible to order specific clothing or props for a shoot.

    A suitable context is important for such orders and they will only be accepted provided they conform to the genre, and I am able to identify with them.

    Mech. Movements

    In my work, I often use antique mechanical watch movements. Some of these are very old and therefore can have no functional guarantee. Mechanical movements have their own character and require careful maintenance. They must be frequently adjusted or repaired if necessary. Clocks running slow or fast can be adjusted - this requires a little patience and skill. In a key-winding watch with a balance spring, this is usually done through a small adjustment lever. With pendulum clocks, the accuracy is adjusted through the setting of the pendulum itself. If you are at all unsure how to proceed, then consult a watchmaking expert.

    Always be sure to treat the watch carefully and keep it away from any possible dust, dirt and even moisture. Clocks that do not run or stop too quickly are often simply not hanging straight. Sometimes a drop of oil in the right place also helps…


    All items on offer are artistic objects with limited or no functionality, even if implied. They are elaborate unique pieces that were manufactured for the most part from original antiques with great attention to detail. Hours of work and ideas are reflected in every single object.

    Hardly anything is glued or welded in order to create my pieces - most pieces are screwed or bolted together where possible with authentic materials and original antiques. Even the most commonly used screws have a long history behind them. A great deal of my raw material is old, sometimes dented, cracked, rusty or even broken.

    Parts are often roughly finished and simply assembled. But that's what makes it special! Nothing here was constructed before, or indeed ever will be again. It is obtuse, occasionally illogical, it is unique; it is Steampunk!


    A purchased item can be sent carefully packaged (depending on size of course) by post or courier.The shipping costs vary from item to item depending on value and required packaging materials – some fragile objects especially require more protection during transit.

    Collection is of course also possible, but for logistical reasons only from Ingolstadt and Plauen - Vgtl. The advantage here is that you not only save on shipping costs, but also see the object before finally committing to buy. Generally, we recommend the latter, since the work can only really be properly appreciated in real life.


    As with all artistic objects, pricing is a difficult matter. There is a lot of work, time and effort invested in every piece. For each object, the used parts are first found and cleaned, then processed and modified or adapted. Most joints are bolted or otherwise mechanically fixed together. The price is based on the rarity of the materials used, the manufacturing cost and the value of the idea on which the item is constructed.

    Most raw material pieces are authentic antiques with patina that already have a long life behind them – this is what makes them so attractive. Some of the fundamental elements are well over 100 years old and none can be reproduced in the same form. Here you have the opportunity to acquire an absolutely unique piece of artwork to display at home or to carry with you on occasions - a rarity for which your heart must beat in order to delight.

    legal notice

    I am a private person and created this site not because of any commercial interest. Creating of images and objects is my hobby. When it comes to the one or other sales, the conditions are described and defined in detail in the Terms and Conditions. You will receive your purchase invoice with VAT. All prices include VAT. Shipping costs are additional.

    All used images and text on this page is subject, unless otherwise expressly indicated, my copyright and may not be used without my explicid permission, in whole or in part used or disclosed to third parties. The use for personal purposes is permitted when maintaining the context and cite the source. For the content of linked third-party sites and content can not be held liable.

    We assume no liability for the misuse of objects. It is art and not commodities. Assigns an object to a function that is to be regarded as more useful. Also can no guarantee be given for the suitability for certain purposes.

    I'm not an electrician and no watchmaker. My objects have no CE mark and are not TUV compliant. The operation of the objects subject to your own risk.

    My work consists primarily of the assembly and the combination of things / parts already exists. The copyright to the objects used lies solely with the respective manufacturers, even if they are only partly fragmental used.

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